About Us

Toronto Group prides itself in being a cradle-to-cradle organization and employs charcoal production technology that is highly efficient and waste free, with all its products destined to be used as efficiently as possible.

Toronto Group follows the Kaizen philosophy, inspired by the desire to continually improve, in pursuit of perfection, to ensure satisfaction for all its customers and other stakeholders.

Executive Team

Our Vision & Mission

Toronto Group’s vision is to be the leading environmentally responsible charcoal producer in Africa, and a global leader in the supply of sustainable carbon products.

Mission Statement

To achieve its vision, the Toronto Group seeks to:

  • Use all resources in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner

  • Consistently produce charcoal of high quality

  • Be focused on reliability of supply

  • Be innovative in finding solutions to challenges

  • Empower and develop individuals and enterprises by providing an enabling environment

  • Foster a collaborative and transformative approach in its engagements and partnerships

  • Comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements

Our Culture & Values

At Toronto Group we strive to:

  • Achieve a shared sense of purpose and belonging

  • Work with integrity and ethics in all our dealings

  • Develop a culture of innovation and creativity

  • Be caring of the environment and people

  • Inculcate sustainable and environmentally sound practices both within the company and our surrounding communities